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Specify SAFEMESH84™ for the industry’s safest high ventilation athletic lockers. SUPERIOR FULLY-FRAMED ALL-WELDED LOCKERS FEATURE SAFEMESH84, THE INDUSTRY’S STRONGEST AND SAFEST EXPANDED METAL SUPERIOR ® 1/2” 13 Gauge, Flattened, Expanded Metal COMMON 3/4” 13 Gauge, Flattened, Expanded Metal RIGIDITY: 84% more steel ensures a more rigid unit STRENGTH : 84% more steel than 3/4" style SAFETY: Smaller 1/2” diamond design keeps fingers out SECURITY: Reduces risk of loss, theft and content damage GALVANITE™ Corrosion resistant sheet steel prevents rust and corrosion IDEAL FOR USE IN HIGH HUMIDITY AREAS, OUTDOOR LOCATIONS, NEAR SHOWER, POOL AREAS AND FOOD INDUSTRY FACILITIES Galvanneal is the result of the combined processes of galvanizing (hot-dipped zinc coating) and annealing (heat treatment). Galvanneal does not flake off its galvanized coating when formed, stamped, and bent. The very fine matte finish acts like a primer that easily adheres to paint. These characteristics make galvannealed sheet steel ideal for steel lockers in high humidity, corrosion prone areas. GALVANITE™ COLD ROLLED SHEET STEEL with our powder coat finish after a 336 hour salt spray test. COMMON COLD ROLLED SHEET STEEL with a 1 mil dry film build paint thickness after a 336 hour salt spray test. GALVANITE™ , is List Industries’ trade marked name for lockers and cabinets manufactured with galvanneal sheet steel components and finished with an electrostatically applied high-grade powder coat finish. Galvanite and powder coat offer exceptional double protection against corrosion, even under the most adverse conditions. Tests indicate that galvanneal increases the estimated life cycle threefold. WHAT IS GALVANNEAL? Greenguard is an indoor air quality certification program for low emitting products and materials that evaluates over 75,000 chemicals, including volatile organic compounds, carcinogens and reproductive toxins. Referenced in both the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership for Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Building Rating System, Greenguard Gold Certification establishes strict chemical emission standards for products intended for use in environments where children and others work, play or reside. ALL SUPERIOR METAL AND PLASTIC LOCKERS ARE GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFIED HANDLES  Turn-Handle: Projecting 3-point Cremone Handle with 3/8” diameter lock rods engaging frame at top, bottom and jamb  Drawn: Seamless deep drawn stainless steel recessed handle  Padlock Hasp: Projecting spring-bolt latch with padlock hasp  Finger Pull: Thru-the-door projecting padlock hasp with finger pull VENTILATION  DIAM PERF: Diamond perforated  PLAIN: No louvers  SEC PLUS: Security Plus™ door ventilation  LOUVERED: 3” louvers METAL LOCKERS 432 www. 1-800-929-3375 | 765-286-8553 fax ATHLETIC