Educational Furniture 2020 Catalog

POSTURE CONTROLS The controls modify the position and angle of the seat and back to respond to changing tasks. E F Pivot G Pivot H Pivot I Pivot J Pivot E.360°Swivel F.Tilt— Pivotpoint locateddirectlyabove centerofchairbase. G.Mid-rangekneetilt— Pivotpointlocated slightlyaheadofcenter ofchairbase.Allowsuser toreclineataslightly morerelaxedanglethan conventionaltilt. H.Kneetilt— Pivotpoint locatednearfrontedge ofchair.Allowsuserto keepfeetflatonfloor whilechairreclines. I.Synchronizedkneetilt — Backreclinesata 2-to-1ratiotoseatangle. Pivotpointlocatednear frontedgeofchair. J.Synchro-tilt— Back reclinesata2-to-1ratio toseatangle.Allows usertoreclinewhile keepingseatcushion relativelyleveltofloor. K L M N O W K.Tilttension— Controlsrateandeaseof recline. L.Tiltlock— Locksout tiltfunction. M.Posturemechanism/ lock— Backangle adjustsindependentlyof seat,andcanbelocked inaninfinitenumberof positionswithinafixed range. N.Multi-taskcontrol— Adjustsseatandback anglesindependently withasinglelever (infinitelockingwithina fixedrange). O.Asynchronous control— High performancesystem withthreeleversto modify:angleofback relativetoseat,tilt(free floatorinfinitelocking) andforwardtilt. W.Integrallumbar support— Easilyadjusts toenhancecomfort. X A-C Pivot A-D A-E X.Dual-clutchposture control— Adjustsseat andbackangles independentlywithtwo levers(infinitelocking withinafixedrange). A-C.Synchronizedtilt— Backreclinesata2.5to1 ratiotoseatangle. Variablelock. A-D.Sidetilttension— Controlsrateandeaseof recline.Conveniently locatedontherightside. A-E. Backreclinesata 2to1ratiotoseatangle. Backangleadjusts independentlyofseat andcanbelockedin infinitenumberof positionswithinafixed range. PROPORTIONAL ADJUSTMENTS These controls adapt the dimensions of the chair to fit the user. A B C D B.Backheight adjustment— Positions lumbarsupportwithina fixedrange. C.Seatdepth adjustment— Positions chairbackrelativeto seat. D.Seatslidemechanism — Seatcushiontravels forwardandback,then locksintoposition. A. Pneumatic seat height adjustment — Regulates height of chair relative to floor These adjustments accommodate different sized users and support keyboarding. Q S T B-A Q.Adjustableheight arms— Provide improvedupper-torso support.Canbeadjusted periodically to relieve strain andprovide variety. S.Heightandwidth adjustablearms— Controlsbothheightand widthofarmsfor optimumcomfort. T.Looparms— Largely specifiedforaesthetics. Frequentlyusedin managementsettings. B-A.All-adjustablearms — Armsadjustinheight, width,anddepth. SEATING FUNCTIONS Work/task chairs need to be adjusted to deliver optimum support. Cross-reference the letter key below to identify the chairs in this section that best meet your needs. ARM OPTIONS OFFICE FURNITURE 2 www. 1-800-929-3375 | 765-286-8553 fax TASK CHAIR SEATING