Educational Furniture

Travelin’ the U.S.A. This simple and colorful design helps children of all ages learn and master their geography of the United States. Item # Size #3413 3‘10”x 5’5“ #3415 5’5”x 7’8” #3417 7’8”x 10’10” Discover America Memorable state icons help children learn about their country on this beautiful map of the USA. Item # Size #1401 4’5”x 5’10” #1400 5’10”x 8’4” #1412 8’4“ x 11’8” World Explorer Explore the oceans and continents of the world on this brightly colored rug designed to teach basic geography. Item # Size #1501 4’5”x 5’10” #1500 5’10”x 8’4” #1512 8’4“ x 11’8” Cool Crocs Math Rug Crikey! This rug will liven up any room with its vibrant colors and multiple teaching tools. Cool Crocs Math Rug combines numbers, colors, and bilingual words that will make learning a fun experience. Combine it with any number flash cards for greater than and less than fun! Item # Size #6915 5’5”x 7’8” #6917 7’8”x 10’10” #6912 8’4”x 11’8” EARLY CHILDHOOD FURNITURE 108 www. 1-800-929-3375 | 765-286-8553 fax CARPETS