Educational Furniture

Office Furniture 2 - 57 Classroom Furniture 58 - 107 Early Childhood Furniture 108 - 147 Computer Furniture 148 - 153 Science Furniture 154 - 167 Vocational Furniture 168 - 173 Art Furniture 174 - 189 Media Center / Library Furniture 190 - 231 Audio Visual 232 - 261 Café Furniture 262 - 281 Building Services 282 - 366 Auditorium Seating 367 - 371 Casework 372 - 424 Bleachers 425 - 431 Metal Lockers 432 - 445 Athletic Equipment 446 - 475 Freight Policy and Options Educational Furniture Inc. offers three shipping options to best fit your needs. 1 Educational Furniture Inc. full delivery and installation of your product. By selecting this pricing option, our First‑Class staff of installers is responsible for the complete product installation as well as the removal of all trash, including packing materials. 2 Educational Furniture Inc. full inside delivery of your product. By selecting this pricing option, our exceptional delivery personnel will deliver your product inside your building, taking the burden of unloading a delivery truck off of you, the customer. When the product is delivered, you will be responsible for the final signing of the delivery receipt. 3 Manufacturer’s Direct shipments on contract carriers, not our employees. Although this may be the least expensive option, please understand that the responsibility of product quantity and damage is YOUR responsibility. It will be the responsibility of your personnel to unload the product and transport it into the building. All counting of product and delivery damage must be inspected BEFORE the delivery receipt (Bill of Lading) is signed. The carriers are not Educational Furniture Inc. employees and do not necessarily represent us. Credit Policy and Billing Terms Educational Furniture uses net 30 billing term on all sales and will only invoice after the job is complete, unless negotiated prior to the invoice. Products and specifications are subject to change without notice. 1-800-929-3375 | 765-286-8553 fax www. 1